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Playing around with a stock 18-55 and a Sigma 70-300 ...
Now, with an SMC Takumar 105 and a CZJ Flektogon 35 too ...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another one: Schacht Travenar 90 f/2.8

Another one lens ? Yes.
In my collection ? No.

This one, too, belongs to the same seller who borrowed me the Porst 55/1.2. I got it to cleanup some cleaning traces and a few spots of fungus.

This time, i haven't made a tutorial because the lens is really easy to service. But, if you really want to know how to proceed, feel free to leave a comment here requesting more info, and i will either update this post, or make a new one ...

Once cleaned, i played a bit with it, of course, just to check how it would perform when compared to my Travenar 90/2.8 (yes, i already have one ;-) ...).

Well, this sample seems to be better than mine. At least it has a better contrast (but, maybe, mine needs some cleaning, too) ...

A sample picture, taken with the lens wide open:

Schacht Travenar 90 2.8 at f2.8 - _IGP3784

Another one, at f/5.6:

Schacht Travenar 90 2.8 at f5.6 - _IGP3830

Both pictures are straight from the raw files. The only PP, performed by Silkypix, has consisted in pushing the contrast a bit (this sample, like mine, really needs an hood).

The resized pictures really don't show the IQ of the lens (especially the first one). If you really want to appreciate it, go see the full res versions, browsing to my Flickr set here, the last 8 pictures are the ones i took this afternoon ...

And, for the chronicle, i really like the bottle and the content ;-) ...

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Porst Color Reflex MC Auto 55 f/1.2: More sample pictures ...

... But from another copy of this lens (believe it or not, i still didn't have the time to play with mine) ...

Following my previous post about this lens, one of my Flickr contacts showed some interest in it. So, i managed to get a second copy of this lens for testing. Here are some results:

Wide open, in direct sunrise lightning:

Porst 55 1.2 at 1.2 - _IGP3575

Wide open, in direct sunlight, to test for CA, purple fringing and corners sharpness:

Porst 55 1.2 at 1.2 - _IGP3589

At f/2.8, to check my abilities to focus a mid-distance subject with a fast lens:

Porst 55 1.2 at 2.8 - _IGP3618

If you look carefully at the full resolution picture in this Flickr set, you can even see me ;-) ...

All the pictures are straight from the raw images without PP. Developed by Silkypix with "Natural fine" default settings.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

SMC Pentax-M 35 f/2: More sample pictures ...

Thanks to the sunny day, i have been finally able to bring outdoor the lens i borrowed. So, here are some sample pictures:

At f/2:

SMC Pentax-M 35 2 at f2 - _IGP3386

At f/5.6:

SMC Pentax-M 35 2 at f5.6 - _IGP3390

Again, at f/2:

SMC Pentax-M 35 2 at f2 - _IGP3395

At f/4:

SMC Pentax-M 35 2 at f4 - _IGP3399

The last one at f/4:

SMC Pentax-M 35 2 at f4 - _IGP3417

Actually, the lens has revealed to be more easy to focus, in my last test probably i had issues because of the low light. There is some CA wide open, but it shouldn't be too difficult to fix. Hopefully, i will be able to do some more tests tomorrow, this time with an hood, an UV and a polarizing filter ...

The pictures are straight from the raw files, developed with the default settings of Silkypix. There is just a little EV level adjust. If you want to check the full res images, they are available in this Flickr set.

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