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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Brittany Holidays ... (3)

This time, some pictures from the Festival of Gorse Flowers, in Pont Aven (the oldest, the most authentic, the most prestigious Breton cultural feast).

For the curious, the gorse flowers are the yellow ones in the picture below.
Gorse flowers and erica - IMGP1119

The feast gives the occasion to look at the wonderful embroideries of the traditional Breton suits, as proudly show the two little fans of the feast below, dressing the Pont Aven suits.

Pont Aven - IMGP0350

If you want to see the other pictures in the set, feel free to browse here, but be warned: i have about 800 pictures, and not yet the time to choose what to put online. Nevertheless, most of them will be available during the next few days.

The official festival site is here.

More to come (from both the feast and the other Brittany places visited) ...

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