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Playing around with a stock 18-55 and a Sigma 70-300 ...
Now, with an SMC Takumar 105 and a CZJ Flektogon 35 too ...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Another sale: Meyer Görlitz Orestegon 29 2.8

Well, another lens i have to sell ... A mint Meyer Görlitz Orestegon zebra in M42 mount:

Meyer Goerlitz Orestegon 29 2.8 - _IGP4597

Here is a sample picture taken with an extension ring of 5mm to shorten the minimum focusing distance:

Meyer Orestegon 29 2.8 5mm ring - _IGP4630

I will update this post later with a thorough description of the lens.
Luckily, i can play with it for a few days before it goes to a new home ...

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