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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Airbus Family Day 2010

To celebrate its 40-th anniversary, Airbus held an "open doors" day on Sunday 19 September. The Toulouse-based facilities were open the whole day, allowing the people working on site to share with their families and friends their own work.

For once, the cameras were freely allowed on the whole site, thus offering the possibility to bring home some nice shots, so i brought with me my K10D and my brand new toy, a Canon EOS 5D Mark II (but this one will show on another site) ...

One of the most impressive subjects, were the Engine Alliance GP7200 engine, one of the two engines available for the A380, with its impressive inlet of about 2.9 meters (a bit less than 10ft):

Engine Alliance GP7200 Inlet - _IGP2925

The ATR aircrafts were also represented, notably by the ATR-72:

ATR 72 - _IGP2757

Another star of the day was the Airbus Beluga:

Airbus Beluga - _IGP2768

On my Flickr photostream available here there is a small set of the 800+ pictures taken during the whole day.

Definitively, a nice sunny day spent on the runways, with more than 100.000 people enjoying it ...

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